Subscriber Management

Subscriber management software

Subscriber management software (SMS software) - an absolute one stop software solution for all types of cable TV operators. Subscriber management software is the only software or system for the cable TV operators which are having complete digital billing solution for viewers, best administration system with at affordable price.

PayTVSMS Software

PaytvSMS is an enterprise level recurring billing & CRM framework implied for the automation of membership charging and right management for IPTV, VOD, OTT, PayTV, DTH, & Cable operators. It supports all the procedures which are basically needed by the cable service operators from customer acquisition, service entitlements and payments to customer retention management. Each module is securely integrated to assure that accurate information is shared across the modules to attain customer satisfaction.

Digital Cable billing and accounting software

Aplomb Technology® has designed digital cable billing and accounting software for cable operators. Our digital cable billing software utilizes powerful suite of analog, digital accomplished solution along with all including work order and inventory management features which let you manage your STB, Authorization, Activate Various services / package etc. Digital Cable Billing and Accounting software help to track every incoming - outgoing payment with full details.


  • Channel Creation & Channel Packaging
  • Postpaid & Prepaid subscriptions, Integration with CAS
  • Workflow Process - Activation, De-Activation, Renewal, Change Plan
  • Scheduler Jobs & Bulk Uploads, Paypal Integration
  • Message Notification (Email / SMS)
  • IPTV,VOD,OTT,PAYTV,DTH Billing features supported