SMS Music Playout

SMS Music Playout Software

SMS music playout is the most famous and selling out software on the web. With 15 years of experience we have created SMS music playout software. We bring new concept in market like SMS music playout. Customer will send a message about their selected songs and this software will play those songs on first come first play basic.

Our software provides advanced design as well animated titles and menu background, new advertisement facilities, animated video masks, and broad printable advertisement reports etc.

We also have developed many other music software like message channel software, 24/7 playout system, music channel software, SMS music channel with various Decklink Card including Decklink mini monitor, Decklink Intensity Pro, Decklink Studio etc.

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SMS Music Playout


  • You need regular computer with decklink card / tv out / graphics tv out card / Decklink mini monitor.
  • Software allowed to run your own SMS Song / Music Channel.
  • You have to create one song collection and do entry of that collection in software.
  • You have to USB Net Setter ( In india we are using 3G USB Dongle - In your area Airtel Might be have this kind of Device) plugged in to computer. In this usb device you have to keep one SIM Card.
  • You have to publish and advertise this SIM No. (This mobile no. plugged in USB Net setter - Computer ).
  • When software is running customer will see Scrolling of Song Choice with Number / Words of Songs.
  • Depends on choice customer select song, and then send SMS to the Mobile No. (Which is connect with computer / software via 3G USB Net Setter ).
  • Software will pick up the SMS and play song. If is there already songs are in playlist, then system will generate Queue and maintain First in First Out.

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