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The Radio Room

Complete Solution for Low budget Advertisement

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Using FM Radio Software Cable Operator is able to start his own Audio Music Channel. Operator can set Audio Songs according to regional choices. Such facility give operator great freedom to satisfy various type of customers. This channel is used to attract small budget advertisers [like Classified Advertiser , Yellow Pages, Birthday-Greetings, Free Advertisement, City Help Line]. With small amount of advertisement rate, Operator can increase his Day To Day Income tremendous way.

To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Celeron 2.0 or Above


128 MB RAM or Above

Hard Disk:

Capacity Will Depend on the number of Songs / Movies you intend to offer 40GB=700 Video Songs=90 Hour Programs.

TV Out Card:

AGP/ PCI TV Out Card Geforce MX 4000/ FX5200/
FX 6200 LE





Features Provided By Radio Room

A Channel fully devoted for low budget Advertisement / advertiser
Easy solution for Yellow Pages/ Classified Advertisement
Play Time base MP3 Songs in background
Cable Operator Can Start His Own Music Channel
Full Screen Advertisement Support
Flash , Avi, MPEG Files are Used for Advertisements Support
Start and Stop Advertisement On Particular Date And Time
Continuous Advertisement with Audio Songs
Cable Operator can set Number of any advertisements display in a day
Allow to set sequence of Full Screen Advertisement Ex
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