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Petro Desk

Petro Desk - Software for Petrol Pump

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Petro Desk software manages entire back office management of Petrol Pump. Including billing system, Customer/ Party debit/ Credit detail and related accounts as well as inventory. Various kinds of reports like Accounting, Sale/ Purchase, Pump/Deep Meter Reading etc....

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To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Core 2 Duo



Hard Disk:

10 GB

Backup Media:

DVD Writter, Zip Drive ,Pen Drive or Memory Card [ AS PER USER REQUIREMENT - OPTIONAL ]




Features Provided By Petro Desk

Deep Meter reading by which any one can easily see the entire day sale/purchase
Automatically calculate previous day closing as today opening in both Deep Meter and Pump Meter

Can sale items apart from pump item and maintains related inventory (Like stock on any particular date, stock value etc.).

Can maintain entire accounting apart from petrol pump that includes other income & expenses, daybook, casebook, Trading Account, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and various ledger reports.

Can handle entire pump item inventory as well as other inventory

Pump Meter reading that can do automatically entry in Sale
More than 20 reports that will include MIS as well as Accounting Reports Can maintain company wise entry
Support both DOS base and Windows base Printing Entire customer debit/credit report with debit/credit/cash sale
Exclusive user management facility that includes disabling any menu/option for any user. VAT enabled software. VAT received or VAT paid report can be found between any particular date.
Interactive search facility Can backup entire database (all company at once) or financial year wise.
Easy short cut keys that speed up operating. While working user can switch among different companies

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