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Embedded Case Study

Client has digital instruments manufacturing unit, in which they design micro controller based panel. If Client want to outsource software solution from us, our software has to communicate through PLC, microcontollers, using RS232 / RS485 protocol and give full control as per needs. Pump manufacturer use the panel with software. Software not only display current reading, but also allow to do live operation like save the same moment records with one click from Meter to Database for future use. Software design also need to look various standard like ISI / ISO.

They basically need full control of running panel from their office and no need to remain in the Workshop, as software allow them full functioanlity like
  Start Panel
  Start Motor
  Give onscreen reading from different meters attached with panel.
Give onscreen reading from different meters attached with panel, as per listed below:
Power Status Single Phase/Three Phase
Digital Flow meter Current Reading
Digital multi sensor Flow meter Current Reading
Hz/RPM Meter Current Reading
Volt/Amp/Watt Meter Current Reading
Pressure Logger Current Reading
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