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Digital Complain Recorder

Complete Solution for Record Customer's Complain

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New software for cable operator to record it's customer's complain date and time wise using telephone line. No need to sit any operator to handle this software or to write any complain. you can set customer code or also can set without customer code.

To run our software you require following Computer Configuration


Pentium 4 Processor


256 MB RAM or Above

Hard Disk:

40 GB

Backup Media:

Any Internal/External modem [ Data + Fax + Voice Full Duplex support Modem]




Features Provided By Digital Complain Recorder

IVRS - [ Iterative Voice Responding System ] based Software
No need of any operator for customer's complain
Auto Calls to customer with Reminders, Greetings etc
No Operator required
With or Without Customer Facility
Self Complain option set Facility
Easy to Operate - non technical person can also use
Regional Language Support
Customer Voice Record Facility
Cost effective Solution for mini scale Cable Operator
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