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Broadband Subscriber Software

Affordable for systems from 500 subscribers to 500,000 subscribers or more!

ISP using web based solution decrease business expansion cost and increase maximum productivity with low man power. As business increase there is no need to increase the other expense, but with the same setup it help you to manager your growing business.


Different features covered in the web based application:


Administration Module:
This module handles all the initial data to be feed in like the package name, details of The package, user details, user profiling/rights module association for Each user and the database settings. Bulk Bill Processes Scheduling / Messaging Our web based interface allows the service provider to plan & schedule the processes such as Changing package, applying price changes, Invoicing, Collections, Adjustments, Discounts, Promotions, Sending messages, Disconnections etc., for group of Subscribers.


Billing System:
We design very user friendly billing system. The system Generates absolute status of a subscriber including details of temporary deactivation
And billing on a day to day basis.





Features Provided By This Software

Reduced Expense for Multiple Site / Location / Zone Expenses. Only one time setup cost Exporting Accounts data in required format
Save up to 50% over big service bureaus. Improves CSR and Technician Efficiency
Flexible and Scalable Improves CSR Response Time
Scales from startup to 50,00,000 subscribers or upto any number of subscribers. One Minute update for all customers Bill on one invoice!
Increases Revenue and Cuts Costs User-Friendly and Easy to Learn
Improves Decision Making Increases Sales with instant, on-screen analysis
Automated, Intelligent Package Discounting New Design From Database to Interface!
Improves CSR and Management Productivity Attractive, User-friendly GUI screens
Unlimited, real-time reports at Your Fingertips Unlimited homes passed database
On your screen, or in your email Service call scheduling
Increases Subscriber Satisfaction Supports Email Billing
Saves Personnel Costs Web-enabled Self Provisioning options
Automated Report Scheduler (included) Fast, Powerful server-based processing
Single, Network, or Call Center Configuration Powerful Automated Report Scheduler
Different Version based on your needs, support with customize multiple billing cycles Reports to printer, screen, file, PDF and email!
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