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Reports [Super Admin, Admin]

  Company User   General User
Super Admin Customer
Admin Broker
Sales Person Agency
Play out executive    
Make Manager    
  Collective Review
Super admin , admin user able to view all the customer, agency & broker  user data, as well total advertise given by particular user, with payment details.
Total payment receive & due from customer
Total payment receive & due from broker

Total payment receive & due from agency

Pending payment for agency
Pending payment for broker
Pending payment for customer
Pending payment based on days & amount
Based on user type advertise report
Monthly collection from agency
Monthly collection from broker
Monthly collection from customer
General user(customer , broker, agency)
  Super Admin:
Able to create admin user, manage all website page
Monitoring full website & user
  Admin User:
Same as super admin but he/she can’t create admin user
Create other company user like sales head, sales person
All master table data entry like city, icon cable network, cable area etc.
  Sales Head and Sales Person:
Able to enter the information collection from customer, agency, users
Management or information of (broker, agency & customer detail)

Marketing manager:

View & able to enter customer, broker & agency information.
  Play Out Executive:
Take discuss for playing advertise or not
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